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A Brief History of Cellfood, and the legend of
Everett Storey

Cellfood’s history begins in the 1940s with its inventor, Everett L. Storey. According to his own autobiography (Beyond Belief, published in 1982), Storey was engaged in an exhaustive process, exploring the fundamental laws of matter. He worked at creating a 'water-splitting' technology— a process through which oxygen and hydrogen would split from one another and, in so doing, be released from water. In the gathering darkness of the 1940s, the US overnment asked Storey to give over his technology as a critical component in the race to create a hydrogen bomb. According to Beyond Belief, Albert Einstein personally acknowledged Storey's central role in this project. Thankfully, the H-bomb was never utilized as a weapon.

The book quotes Einstein as answering Storey's question "Why are we here on earth?" with a simple reply:

"We are here to learn and to grow. Life is essentially a school. We learn what to do and just as importantly we learn what not to do."

A humanitarian and lover of life, Ev Storey vowed after the war to never again have anything to do with destruction of any kind. But after the war, legend has it that Storey and his colleagues discovered a more personal crisis: they were dying of radiation poisoning, as a result of their exposure while witnessing bomb tests. The legend continues that it was then that Storey developed the conceptual blueprint for Cellfood, theorizing that the very same water-splitting technology could be used to heal human life. By utilizing hydrogen's deuterium isotope, and a blend of the required trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids, he would create a solution— an 'electromagnetic equation'— that could release vital oxygen and hydrogen into his bloodstream, remove toxic radiation, nourish and rebuild body systems, and return him and his colleagues to health. Though never confirmed, the legend concludes that it worked— and saved by his own invention of Cellfood, Storey lived a long, healthful and productive life.

Cellfood was first offered to health professionals and the general public in 1969, and was classified as a nutritional supplement by the FDA in 1978. Since then, Cellfood's growing reputation as a superior health formulation has led to its successful use by leading health practitioners, clinics, and individuals in over 70 countries around the world.

Today philosophers, historians and even bloggers love to debate which parts of Everett Storey’s legend are based in reality, yet all the while his visionary formula continues to benefit millions of people. At Lumina Health Products, we may never be able to verify the exact historical facts of Storey’s life, and even we have had some fun exploring his legend. But legend or not, we praise his invention of Cellfood and pledge to maintain Everett Storey’s legacy of helping humanity through his remarkable formulation.

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